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Untouched dating sim

After the destruction of the great ship, both sides decided to band together and name the vessel Gorkamorka, meaning that it could look like either of the Ork Gods, Gork and Mork.

This lack of a biosphere suggested that the world's biosphere had been eradicated by artificial means.

The Imperium of Man is spread impossibly thin across an estimated two-thirds of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The volume of space claimed in the name of the Emperor of Mankind contains hundreds of millions of stars, many host to their own planetary systems, and yet there are only an estimated million or so Planetary Governors occupying the thrones of the Imperium’s worlds.

It was conquered by Lord Commander Solar Macharius during the Macharian Crusade in the Segmentum Pacificus.

The planet's population was technologically very advanced, and when Macharius arrived he said that they had "turned to the dark centuries of science, and created many new and wondrous machines." Macharius' conquest was held at bay for two Terran years until the planet finally succumbed to the assault of a redirected comet, obliterating its civilisation.

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Those few unfortunate souls who remained after the slaughter were taken as slaves to toil in the hellish forges of their new, dark masters.

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