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Barry grew up reading the adventures of his favorite superhero, Jay Garrick, the original Flash and acted many of his hero's adventures out with his friend and future actress, Daphne Dean.When he was a child, his mother was killed and his father was convicted of the crime.Barry Allen Born Bartholomew Henry Allen also known as The Flash is a Metahuman Speedsters and The Fastest Man Alive or The Scarlet Speedster who gained his Powers from The Speed Force.Using his Superhuman Speed, he taps into The Speed Force and uses his Powers as a Hero of The Flash Family, Justice League and Justice League of America which he is a Founding Member of all Three Teams.While a senior, Barry helped the authorities apprehend a bank robber, and he was offered a job as a police scientist for the Central City Police Department Scientific Detection Bureau.Eager to be in the sister city of his childhood hero's home, Keystone City, he accepted the offer. -Así es, puedo acertar a cualquier objetivo, al igual que atravesaré con una flecha tu corazón.

In high school, Barry had a reputation for being slow and easy-going. His date had wanted to put a little motion in his life, and they went on the roller-coaster first thing.Podría matarte diez veces antes de que toques el suelo y... reena_jenkins Warnings: Crack, Humor, Speed Dating, flirtation, Bad Ideas, Violence, Sexual Content, Jealousy, Billionaires, Tony Being Tony, Crossover Length: Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, Dema, gngrlvr1, Hananobira, Dream_In_Color, My Name Is Unknown, the_casual_cheesecake, Princess Fish, Fan_Girl_4_Ever, Ravenclaw_Nerd, bluegeek EM, Blue Badger, IWant Your Music Please, Lilima, nikuy, Tea Frida, Kat Lady04, blueyeti, Violeta Ash, order_of_chaos, sephonered, Nomadic Secret, litra, Yoshishisha, nevermindirah, insidegeek, polka_ducha, Jaden56, pringle_sam, Rabble, poulpette, Gylen, Akaihyou, Shadowdoggie, jay_hawk_dove, and Sarah Beth as well as 21 guests left kudos on this work!He received the divorce papers on the day of the spelling bee, and because Nora had to work, he seethed and took Barry to school.When Nora returned from work, she was happy to see that her son had won the competition, but she was obligated to speak to Henry about their relationship, and so Barry was sent to the bookstore in the meantime.

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After moving to Central City and getting an apartment with a laboratory in the back, Barry began dating Picture News reporter Iris West, whom he met while examining an apparent murder that she was reporting. That night during an electrical storm, Barry returned to an experiment after a short break.

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