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would never be the same because of the vision of this Jewish author.

Here he created in words, a portrayal of the God of Israel that was involved and engaged with the God of Israel with this world that was also demonstrated to be a vibrant and dynamic culture.

and plague of the Exodus were a mystery where hail, fire, earthquakes were the prime agents that destroyed the most powerful empire in the ancient world of that era.

He puzzled about the “pillar of fire” that became the symbol of the presence of the Divine One of Israel.

These catastrophes included; on the Sinai Peninsula but in Arabian Desert along the ancient volcanic highlands along the eastern coastline of the Red Sea.These became the great riveting images that poured out of his for Macmillan, for Velikovsky gained immediate fame as a persecuted genius, and one of the greats persecuted by his peers.His “enemies” failed to comprehend that their universal scientific opinions were becoming dinosaurs of the past.He even became the founder and editor of the scholarly publication in which his father’s foundation supported, , the young Immanuel began to ponder the status of the universe as portrayed in the Hebrew texts of his forefathers.The imagery was so vivid that there appeared a special reality of literalness that was so antithetical to a world immersed in Darwinian uniformitarianism.

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