Sedating triple warmer

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Having passed up the lateral aspect of the arm from the ring finger, the triple warmer meridian passes to ST-12: [It] comes in at ST-12, then passes down to CV-17, disperses [into the chest], and drops down into the pericardium.

It then passes down through the diaphragm, circles down through and permeates the triple warmers.

The stream widens and becomes less dense, the picture is one of rain covering and moistening rather than a river passing through.

Notice also that it does not spirally wrap the pericardium.

An ancient Chinese medical text states: 'The Upper Burner controls intake, the Middle Burner controls transformation, the Lower Burner controls elimination.'The Upper Burner runs from the base of the tongue to the entrance to the stomach and controls the intake of air, food, and fluids.

The direction of flow in the meridians is defined by the order of the so-called acupuncture points that lie along that meridian.

In the case of the Kidney Meridian, for instance, the energy flows from point K1 in the sole of the foot to point K27, located at the collar bone.

Then it rises over the shoulder to the collarbone region, descends internally to the pericardium in the upper burner, and then to the abdomen and the middle and lower burners.

Re-emerging from the chest at the collarbone, the channel ascends the side of the neck and around the back of the ear.

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From here it ascends between the two bones of the forearm (radius and ulna), through the tip of the elbow, and up the back of the arm to the shoulder.

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