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Reuben Tishkoff is coerced by thugs employed by Willy Bank, his erstwhile business partner, into signing over his stake in ownership rights of the new hotel-casino they were building on the Las Vegas Strip.Reuben suffers a heart attack and becomes bedridden.

certain people hate the fact i can see lies and not afraid to say... currently working up the hospital in the evenings looking to go into mental health care asap!

The hunky reality star has been inseparable from his fiancée Olivia Buckland since they met on the show. Alex Bowen appeared on ITV2's Love Island in the summer of 2016.

Whilst on the show, he met and fell in love with Olivia Buckland.

I once taught a lad called Ryan, but it was spelt Rhian.to me, thats pronounced 'Ree-an' and is a welsh girls name! I don't mind either spelling, they both make sense!

My pet hate is things like Kaiden which should actually be pronounced Ky-den..people seem to insist it's pronounced Kay-den... I think spelling is being forgotten and unimportant. We should all spell things in only one way because it saves confusion and mixed messages, which in some cases could be dangerous.

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On New Year's eve Alex and Olivia revealed that they had got engaged in New York.

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