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Our world is constantly changing, which means we are too.

I work with individuals and couples with this primary aspect in mind.

My background is in grief as I find most of us have unresolved sadness that eventually transforms into a form of grief.

I am a somatic based therapist and certified Yoga instructor, with training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hakomi, and Depth Psychology I spent some time early on discovering the world of corporate life, and found my vocation in the world of healing and therapy.

I have been trained and assisted others in the world of (EFT – particularly as it pertains to couples and relationships.

My hope is to act as a conduit and bridge for most anyone who is looking for the more fulfilling place we sometimes call home.

They cater to singles who are concerned about issues like eating locally and organically, sustainable living, conservation and alternative energy.

Unfortunately my mother died 3yrs ago and after discussing now with her of her illness was most likely due to the Hemochromatosis.

وأضاف محمد عايش، بأن “الرئيس السابق” كان آخر حبل يربط الحوثيين بالناس، وأن الكثير في هذه المناطق لم يعوددوا يبالون بمآل هذه الحرب، فضلاً عن أن جمهور المؤتمر تحول في موقفه، كلياً، ضداً على الحوثيين، وقرباً من التحالف العربي.I believe therapy happens not just sitting down on a couch.I do my best as a somatic therapist to make sure the body is grounded and very much included in our work.قال الإعلامي محمد عايش، المقرب من جماعة الحوثي، إن الجماعة خسرت كثيرا بقتلها الرئيس السابق علي عبدالله صالح، واستمرارها في الإجهاز على المؤتمر الشعبي العام.وأضاف عايش، في مقال على حسابه بموقع “فيسبوك”، إن كل ما حققته جماعة الحوثي، هو رصيد من الخسائر الواضحة والمطردة، والتي لن تتبين فداحة معظمها إلا بعد مرور وقت.

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I am very interested in anyway I can to help educate the public.,as well as the medial profession.