Radajaxmanager not updating controls

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Radajaxmanager not updating controls

If I click a parent node in the tree view it loads fine on the first click. I feel like this is a really simple example that should work.. EDIT: I updated my code according to this article, [URL] , and the problem persisted... EDIT: Just to clarify, by updating according to that article, I mean that I removed all the tables and relative widths and replaced them with css positioning and fixed widths.. but then after I change my and change it back (even to the exact same thing when it was working quickly).. All seemed to be ok until I decided that I wanted to return nodes from my webservice that could also be expanded..

So in my webservice I set the Expand Mode of my Rad Tree Node Data object to Webservice..

By default, a Timer control inside the panel will cause just the panel to refresh during an asynchronous postback.

A Timer control outside a panel can cause the Update Panel to be refreshed if it is configured as a trigger for the panel.

This walkthrough introduced the basic concepts of using a Timer control and an Update Panel control to enable partial-page updates.

You must add a Script Manager control to any page that contains an Update Panel control or Timer control.

Additionally, if one still needs the manager instance at the code of a Web User Control for example, she can get the manager by **Rad Ajax Manager. The method will return null if there is no manager on the page, similar to [ASP: Script Manager implementation]( NET may interfere with ajax manager's render interception mechanism.

The Proxy control purpose is similar to the one of [Script Manager Proxy]( and it could be used to **add the necessary settings design-time** within the user control/content page, instead of adding them programmatically finding the manager from the main page/master page.

The only difference is that if you would like to disable the skinning mechanism for the Rad Ajax Loading Panel, you merely need to set Skin = "" for the control and specify your custom image to be displayed inside it, for example: Rad Ajax for ASP. Wrapping the blocks within a Rad Code Block control will isolate the effects to that control only and the partial rendering code will not be affected.Thanks for posting this and for the work you did to find the answers. In case that you want to directly contact the Progress Sitefinity team use the support center.In practice, most developers typically use the markup and loading image tostyle their loading panels, but you can also use these Panel properties.changes the opacity ofthe DIV element that holds the background of the loading panel without affecting the loading Image.

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This means that you cannot have one manager on the main page containing a user control and another inside the user control itself (or Master and content page). Instead, having a manager instance on the main page/Master Page, one can already add a **Rad Ajax Manager Proxy** in the user control/content page.

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