Problems in updating halo combat evolved

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MORE INFORMATION General Troubleshooting Information If you want to see better graphics in Halo: Combat Evolved, you may have to update your video card driver from the card manufacturer.Video card drivers are pieces of software that tell Microsoft Windows how your video card functions.

ti also happens in GTA SA and i can't turn off hardware accel in that.

Your system memory is less than or is equal to 128 megabytes (MB).

Your video memory is less than or is equal to 32 MB.

Specific Hardware Issues When you use the zoom feature on any weapon, you will receive a blank (gray or black) screen in the middle.

This issue may occur because of outdated video card drivers.

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You may also receive the following Stop error message: Stop : 0XXXXXXXXX (0Xc0000005, 0Xxxxxxxxx, 0Xxxxxxxxx, 0X00000000) ati3d2BFA86515 base at BFA17000, date stamp 3f7a342b ATI video card drivers may cause this issue.

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