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That’s why it was so refreshing to meet Brian and actually put pen to paper and come up with something that clients need and can afford. BF: To me, Cybersecurity is a fascinating issue that impacts every sector of the global economy. As technology advances, people are finding ways to exploit that progress to make economic and other gains using illegal or unauthorized means.

But at the end of the day, you’ll bring in more work if you are able to scale seamlessly, and price work rationally and competitively.Last, but certainly not least, is a very cool company called Fire Eye, a cybersecurity consulting firm and an essential piece of the puzzle.It’s not every day you see a Biglaw firm like Pillsbury (a white-shoe firm dating back to the 1800s) announcing a partnership with an alt.legal company – even though many quietly rely on such arrangements to win new business and keep clients happy (we see you lurking in the closet there).It’s not rocket science: companies need to understand their risks and address them. So we banded together our legal, process, and technical expertise to provide a holistic approach to assessing and addressing cyber risk within a cost-effective delivery model.Brian Finch: While Biglaw firms have a lot to offer, the reality is that we cannot be everything to everyone.

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When a Biglaw firm builds and promotes a cross-disciplinary, globalized approach to cybersecurity, I take note.