Paperport hangs updating items

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We were almost evicted, and he was going to continue to lie to me.A: How awful to have your life turned upside down this way, potentially literally if you come home to find all your worldly possessions jumbled together on the street.Does anyone know of a better document management solution than paperport.I'm starting to think PP14 simply cannot handle the amount of documents this company has.

Presume all the standard troubleshooting options have been explored: Reboots, Virus scans, Uninstallation of unnecessary software, Updates, Disk Defrags, Disk Cleanups, PP14 CHECKPPFOLDERS Application, PP14 CHECK META DATA application, re-install Adobe PDF Reader, and Uninstall NUANCE PDF Reader.

In PP14, this is done via the Desktop menu, then the Change View button in the View ribbon.

Another idea is to reduce the number of thumbnails displayed, as described in this PP Knowledge Base article: performance (3) There's an interesting article called "One solution to Paper Port hang-freeze" posted in the Knowledge Base section of the wiki for the Paper Port Google Group: May not fix your problem, but worth a read.

Several thoughts for you: (1) If the 40,000-50,000 documents are in a single folder, or even a small number of folders, that could be the problem.

Paper Port performs better with a small number of files in each folder.

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