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Onlinedatingadvice info

In the age of texting and Instagram, dating is an outdated way of getting to know someone.

Think about it; in the past, you had to go on dates with someone to learn about their likes, dislikes, family, and career, whereas now people think they can get to know anyone much more quickly through social media.

Another major dating hurdle is communication—a lot of it now happens in between dates rather than on the dates themselves.

Back in the day, you would talk on the phone maybe once between dates and then look forward to seeing each other.

Dating died with , I noticed a particularly lovely waitress at our local lunch spot.

I thought I was an emotionally stable human being before this — that theory has since been challenged. Praying for wisdom and grace for us all as we walk this out.

This year has been my initiation into all things online dating, and let’s just say that the tears factor has been exponential.

After the meal, she came over to chat, and we took a picture.

As I was leaving the restaurant, I thought, I'm in town for a few days, we could do something fun... Yet, for a number of reasons, including not wanting to embarrass her in front of her colleagues at work, I didn't want to say, "Can I get your number." Instead, I said, "Don't forget to tag me on Instagram so I can like the pic," which is a cheap way for me to check out her pictures on Instagram before deciding if I want to direct-message her and ask her out.

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Now, back in the days before social media, I'd have to decide within minutes of meeting a girl whether to ask her out on a date.

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