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Facebook is like licence driving, some race, some chauf, some are truckers but all are potential accident victims but some are slick with it, they have their routes or speed limits or what ever that suits each one of them, you Cal are one of the accident victims you hit into a car because of irresponsible driving and road rage ignorance, get your legs broken and then decide to flout!By Alex Hardiman, Head of News Product and Campbell Brown, Head of News Partnerships People tell us they come to Facebook to connect with friends.But that didn’t stop me from using Facebook because I not only wanted it to keep in touch with people but it was also my window into what was happening in the world, news, sports, sscience everything!So I created a fresh one, which is completely private!For a new tool to claim some of my time and attention from these activities it has to offer me a lot of value in return. This post generated a lively debate in its comment thread.To be honest, this comments discussion is probably more valuable than the original post, as it covers a lot more ground, often quite eloquently.

You’ve convinced people not to use Facebook on behalf of your weaknesses, responsibility!

##### On an unrelated note: My friend Todd Henry (of looks past simple slogans to highlight detailed strategies for building a meaningful life; a must-read for anyone interested in moving from inspiration to action.” If you’re interested in these questions of work, meaning, and legacy, I encourage you to find out more…

Before I talk to you Cal allow me to throw my Facebook story.

Today, we’re updating News Feed to also prioritize local news so that you can see topics that have a direct impact on you and your community and discover what’s happening in your local area.

We identify local publishers as those whose links are clicked on by readers in a tight geographic area.

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Facebook essentially invented this new type of social connection. Some even use it as a replacement for a normal, in-person social life (usually, to their detriment). Argument #2: Facebook might offer you personal or professional benefits that you don’t even know about.

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