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Naked stranger chat

By all the local mamas pampered, The squad commander, all in braids Comes in... The band of the regiment will be playing, The colonel sends them, one and all. And then in pairs, Arm in arm, at the table they find their chairs. Nobody listens, each loudly speaks, Everyone laughs, and chaffs, and squeaks. XXXI With tragic-nervous manifestations, Maids' fainting fits, short breath, and tears, Eugene long since had lost all patience; He'd seen enough in earlier years. Triquet, a poet quick-brained, quick-eared, Revived it from the dust and ashes, And boldly instead of "belle Nina" Had placed there "belle Tatiana," XXVIII And here, from town by sleigh there scampered The idol of maturer maids. The girls are skipping with joy already, But food's brought in. And all around On plates the knives and forks are clattering. But soon, though, gradually arising, The guests make a hubbub most surprising. Says two words only With quiet lips, with inward pain, And at the table sits down again. From the moist cork now liberated The bottles popped, the wine fizzed too. The crystal of my soul, Zizi, The object of my innocent verses, The goblet of alluring love, From you, like drunk I went, my dove! XXV But see, with crimson hand Aurora Out of the morning valleys leads The sun, and Tanya sees before her The festive name-day, and is pleased.

This crank, who found huge feasts unnerving, Was peeved already. But her bad dream foretells, she sees, So many sorrowful adventures. But her doubts unmentioned Martin Zadek can't solve nor ease. XLI Monotonous and completely senseless, Like young life's whirligig, full of dash, Dancing loud waltzes in whirligigs endless, One couple after another flash. Today, like ladies, as we prattle, On lacquered boards we smoothly glide, But in small town and village beside The mazurka has still preserved its vigour, Its own original beauty kept. With such deceptions of my youth It's time to part, to grow wise in truth, In deed and word to seek perfection, And this fifth chapter, ere it ends, From such diversions finally cleanse. In days gone by, to its noisy peals In some huge hall then everything shivered, The parquet cracked 'neath the beating heels, The window-frames all shook and rattled...

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"* Among the almanac's ancient catches This printed couplet there appeared. XXIX For a moment is silenced all the chattering; The mouths are chewing. XXX Right opposite Tanya they are seated; And paler than the morning moon, And like a trembling doe, hunt-heated, Her big dark eyes, as in a swoon, She does not raise, but pants a trifle With passion's heat, and feels so stifled; The name-day greeting of each friend She does not hear; the tear-drops stand Within her eyes; she feels so lonely, And ready in fainting-fit to fall, But by her strength of mind and will She overcomes.

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