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Intimidating conversation

We needed a phrase that would allow the pivotal moment to pass smoothly without making me feel compromised or the other person feel rejected.Together we decided on: “Thank you so much for considering me. Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend whose teen daughter is one of my favorite people on Earth. ” When our kids become adolescents, their world changes so much that sometimes it feels to them that they’ve landed on a new planet. ” And we need to model the new language they’ll need to find their way.And it is, in Craig and my opinion, a perfectly acceptable way for Chase to explain the unique danger to HIS body alcohol presents.It gets his VERY IMPORTANT point across without the embarrassment he’d experience by having to explain about our family’s alcoholism.

I don’t want you to get killed because I plan to ask you for many, many rides in the future.So the three of us dreamed up inevitable awkward situations, and together we thought of sentences he could say that would buy him time but not alienate him from his friends or make anyone feel like he was judging them.We also tried to weave in humor to make sure his responses would be in keeping with his personality.whatever we think will please the other person, even if it means going against what we know is right for us.So together we decided to create a non-committal response that I could pull out and use – as a space saver, a time buyer –whenever a new request was made of me.

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I link that shame to internalized transphobia, internalized racism. A lot of it is just about me wanting to beat myself up because I'm not pretty enough.