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According to psychologist Kristen Carpenter, Ph D, Director of Women’s Behavioral Health at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, we don't speak up primarily because women aren't often taught how to voice their feelings about sex.“It’s an incredibly sensitive topic, and women are afraid of hurting their partner’s feelings or insulting them,” Carpenter explains.“A suggestion often feels like a criticism—and we’re not socialized to talk about sex in that way.And he wouldn’t want to know how I think that would feel, either. Millions of people hiding behind their computers to connect.Now, he may very well be thinking these things, but he would never come out and say them in person, especially after knowing me only a few minutes. And that’s the thing with conversations that devolve into sex talk. Except some of them are dorks parading as big shots. And some are women being brazen when they’re super-shy in real life.

There are many good, decent people online, who are interested in quality friendships, so don’t be discouraged!!

I don’t have a problem with a man telling me I am sexy, but if I acknowledge that, am I setting myself up for these kinds of conversations? But the one thing we know about online communications is that people can be whoever they want to be.

Is there a way to avoid it, or should I just avoid these men if they go into it? With one amazing caveat – they’re never held accountable for their actions.

You may just crowd out the stuff you don’t like, naturally, in the process. Subtlety can work wonders as you’re in the thoes of action—and the benefits should build over time the more you strategically speak up, says Carin Goldstein, LMFT, a marriage and relationship therapist in Sherman Oaks, Calif.“It’s so easy for men to feel like they’re doing something wrong, but it’s not about right or wrong,” she explains. Redirect his attention as you move through the paces, says Carpenter.

"It’s about being in sync, and all women’s bodies are different.” So, when he does something you really like? Use complimentary language as he pushes the working for you.”Make it a point to build this sort of open conversation into your sex life, in and out of the bedroom, and everything will start to flow so much better between the sheets.

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In Sex Ed, there was never a conversation about pleasure or how to obtain it, or what happens if something goes wrong—aside from getting pregnant or an STD.”This type of thinking is what leads to loads of women who are unsatisfied in the sack and unable to express themselves effectively—just sort of falling into their sex lives. Fortunately, a ho-hum sex life doesn’t have to be your fate.

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