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He is very busy dating

You are reading way too much into how he feels about you just because he ended your call to take the one from his brother. My partner has a demanding job and two kids that live with him. The relationship has become stale and because you are not in his physical presence he has begun to make you his last priority.

We met in Dec of 2013 and the honeymoon period appears to have been over after about 6 months. It is hard enough to have a long distance relationship and when there are children involved even the strongest marriages have partners that can feel pushed aside for the interest of the children.

If one of you is busy doing your own personal matters, the other one should find ways to support the other without interfering with his/her work.

Depending on his custodial arrangement or job situation it may not be realistic to expect him to move to your area. It is normal for something like this to happen in a long distance relationship.Don't get me wrong, he's a sweetheart and will do anything for me when he has the time, but I do not want to aggravate him and push him away even more by asking over and over again to talk to me more. Since he is not employed and not in school he probably does not have much to report to you about his daily activities.I probably sound like a clingy, naive woman stressing out about a relationship too much. He seems to lack motivation, and if this bothers you, encouragement towards a future with you may give him more motivation.It's been nine months and I feel like if I do happen to break up with him, then those nine months will be wasted.He has been waiting until 8 PM almost every night to call and talk to me.

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Below are some tips on how to properly be a supportive girlfriend to your busy boyfriend: It really depends on what he's been busy with. Even with work, he still needs to take some time for himself and for you.

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