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In a 2011 study published in the, researchers found 60 percent of heterosexual women admitted to being attracted to other women, 45 percent had kissed another woman, and 50 percent had same-sex sexual fantasies.The researchers believe women are more openly affectionate with others of the same-sex because of their friendlier nature.According to a recent Pornhub study in collaboration with , women’s porn habits from all over the world, from lesbian porn, threesomes, and squirting (peeing), may reveal a lot about their past experiences and sexual fantasies.

Female sexual desire is a complex subject that is unique to each and every woman.

A 2011 study published in the journal found heterosexual women kissing one another is a common occurrence among college women because college is a time for experimentation.

They were motivated by either gaining male attention or bonding with female friends.

Fewer women than men watch pornography on the regular, although more women actually watch porn than talk about it.

The rise of Internet porn has made adult videos become something that is readily accessible for both men and women.

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This “bicuriousity” can linger on after college and has been found to be entertained in women’s sexual fantasies.