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Dating lendy ru

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Martin (Head) Phone: 22 Phone: 263 773 917 884 Lendy Park School is a private Christian primary school situated in the heart of Zimbabwe`s M’sasa woodlands, in the town of Marondera.

This article seeks to show that the bulk of Ndebele raiding before 1873 was a response to both the political and military threat of the Changamire Rozvi dynasty and to the economic needs of the state that had been taken over.

Even so, Ndebele raids were limited in extent and duration, and the two decades after 1873 saw a steady revival of Shona strength.

The school was started by a group of people in the community of Marondera who were keen to see a Christian school established that would reflect Biblical values in helping children to grow up holistically.

Lendy Park is a member of the ATS group of schools and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (Zimbabwe).

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For a variety of reasons the extent, number and severity of Ndebele raids upon the Shona-speaking peoples have been greatly exaggerated in the past.