Dating filipina lady dating western knives

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The family is an important aspect of the Filipino culture and must be navigated successful if a relationship is to bloom appropriately.

The suitor should speak with the father of his potential mate and her siblings with respect.

Filipino women are traditionally shy and secretive.

Often times it is required that the potential suitor visit the woman at her home and ask permission to visit from the girl’s father.

It can be summed up fairly simply; in order to successfully court a Filipina a suitor must be kind, loyal, gracious and above all gentlemanly.

A woman looks for a man with these qualities when picking a mate.

The suitor should be patient as this is a way for the lady to feel out the suitor and his intentions.

During this type of courtship is also important for the suitor to impress the Filipina’s family members.

If done correctly the couple will progress into boyfriend and girlfriend.

Following the serious dating stage engagement and marriage often follow.

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