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Dating agent prov4 7 1

3000, deducing L* 21 12 : 15 : 4, paid to nccount of intereft ; and the whole of the intereft on the L, Sooo, from the date of the faid payment ; then, there is the fubfumption, that the principal fum of L.

We have before us only two cafes, that of Camelford's truflecs, and the one which we are now debating.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. €• — ^An adjudication, followed by a decree of declarator of the expiry of the legal, produces the ievereft penalty upon the proprietor of the eftate adjudged.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. When a creditor, in order to recover his payment, is forced to lead an adjudi- cation, there is no help for it ; and he mud (if no other way can be tound ) go on to complete his right, by a decree of declarator of the expiry. aha lo 2 1 8th November i794f ^""3 7* can prove the debt by writingi it will (land good ; and I think in this cafe It h good. 2 J, If it do not, Whether z decree of declarator, though in abfence, has that effcft ? The let- ter in this cafe is called a commiifion ; but may not fuch a letter be produced? To this it was anfwer- tdj that the decree of declarator of the expiry of the legal was a complete bar: Ahd this caufe coming before the Coxirt at the fame time with the queftion,, Campbell againft Jack, in which the adjudging credifor contended, that the mere expiry of the legal, without a declarator, was fufficient to cut oflf the right ofrevcrfionj a hearing in prefencc was or tered, in which there Were two points debated, 1//, Whether the expiry of the legal does ipfojure^ and with* out any declarator, cut off the right of it Vcrfion ?

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1 10 Sterling ; then a payment, to account of the principal, of L. The libel then ftates the balance of the principal to be L 8000 Sterling, and that the whole intereftis due on the L.