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Bates befriended the teens and stayed in their camp, all the while plotting to murder Tabitha and Timmy.

After Hank Bennett and TC Russell rescued the stranded people, Norma was locked away in a psychiatric ward.

We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.

Crystal Kay and reigning J-pop queen, Namie Amuro are collaborating.

They even took a picture together, with Crystal, a big smile on her face, sitting on Namie’s lap.

Timmy accidentally destroyed the skeleton, with only the skull surviving, and Norma swore to kill Timmy for hurting "Daddy". Norma resurfaced five months later during the Harmony High School Class of 2001's senior trip to Warlock Island.

However, both stars have since dismissed the rumours, saying that the two of them are currently working together in the new drama, "Records of the Southern Mist House".

Jing is also currently in a stable relationship with Chinese actress Ni Ni.

Countless kisses (So many kisses Ah So many kisses Ah) The memories are bittersweet in the after love Fully booked with work and lessons, I fill every gap in my schedule Since I started living alone I’ve understand a little how hard it is for Mum I always acted spoilt, but I’ve grown up since then I’m glad I was able to become the person I am now; I’m grateful It was my first love and I got hurt pretty bad, but I lived passionately (So wanna let you Ah So wanna let you Ah) My heart is still aching in this town The only one (The one) Something precious that I’ll never find anywhere else And you never too young (Too young) Loving so deeply and being hurt so deeply And it’s never enough (Enough) No matter what tomorrow brings, I look forward to it And it’s never too much (Too much) Beyond today, I’ll find love after love I still have that cross that matches yours, it’s my good luck charm I really loved you, we were never apart, were we?

Countless kisses (So many kisses Ah So many kisses Ah) The memories are bittersweet in the after love Authors note: Kaname doesn’t really have many solo parts in this because he mainly harmonises the ends of the sentences/words, that’s why the colouring may look a bit odd.

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Prior to the rumours, Crystal was dating Korean actor Song Seung-hoon, whom she worked with in the 2014 drama "The Third Way of Love".

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