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Create a workplace dating policy

The Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) defines the contractual relationship - regulations and responsibilities - between DG for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) and humanitarian organisations.

The FPA Watch Group represents the views of ECHO NGO partners in the monitoring, review and consultation of all matters relating to the FPA.

Usually, all the user accounts are divided into two categories – administrative, which is designed to be used to install programs and configure the system; and standard (with limited rights), which is designed for everyday work.

Do you want to configure the software or install something new? Are you going to watch movies, write some e-mails or communicate through instant messenger? The situation is that normal users do not have enough rights to install programs and tune up the system, thus make it working in a very stable, reliable and secure manner.

We are passionate about providing opportunities through our Move Ahead and Runway Programme evidenced by our Investors In People, Better Health at Work and Equality North East Gold Awards.

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Notice that the policy itself does not prevent saving a virus body to a computer’s hard disk.

SRP is not an antivirus program, thus does not perform any heuristic analysis against files.

But what it really does is prevent the suspicious executable from being launched from the disk or flash drive.

Through the Task Force, the network will offer a forum for its members to engage in the EU delivery of the Grand Bargain and jointly advocate for its potential benefits to have a direct and positive impact in the field.

Protection from computer viruses, ’trojan horses’ and stuff like that strictly depends on the privilege level you use when working on a computer.

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The group's overarching goal is to contribute to and improve EU policy and practice on Disaster Risk Reduction (both as member states and European level), as well as to provide the NGO perspective for the European approach to resilience and the implementation of the humanitarian-development nexus.

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