Christensen porcelain dating system

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All the customised/special ordered items are delivered as close to the agreed delivery date as possible.

If the particular item is of significant age we may have to rely on private collectors who are willing to sell.

Should the time of delivery be delayed beyond normal (i.e. Not the time between the order is made to the time you receive the order.

are all items we do not currently store at our warehouse.

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  1. You must think those two are saints or something...10 years. By his own admission, she shows up at his house, as an unannounced stranger, knowing full well he lived there, and dressed like a skank? She went on to get a boob job and MAN she looks good now (I don't even think that picture does her justice). That being said I think you hit the nail on the head. Cooley tried to get with Fred Smoot first before turning her attentions to Cooley.