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Catholic retreat for dating couples

Like all precious gifts it must be cared for, supported, and sustained.” – Archbishop Timothy Broglio, “Married Couples and the Challenge of Military Service”, 2010 Bon Secours Retreat House, Marriottsville, Maryland Was facilitated February 16-18, 2018 For couples in the military, with at least one spouse serving on active-duty, married at least two years.The retreat weekend is designed for Catholic couples to spend time together praying, reflecting, and sharing about topics related to compatibility, intimacy, communication, and commitment.Rather than keynote speakers brief introductions set the stage for reviewing each area allowing time for couples to share with one another.Take a weekend to enrich your marriage, meet other couples navigating the gifts and challenges of marriage in military settings.Known by the acronym FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study) the questionnaire asked about the couples' attitudes toward topics like money, sex, and gender roles. In clear percentages, the printout showed a mass of clashing responses to every question about money. It might seem strange that the church, which historically encouraged couples to marry to prevent premarital sex, now urges them to take a critical look at their prospective union.Based on answers from the quiz, some priests and lay counselors actively discourage some couples from marrying.Barbara Markey, its creator, "is to confront couples with issues they might not have thought about before." That no one in the church's leadership has questioned her premise shows how much Catholicism's view of marriage has evolved.

What's more, it's now taken by more non-Catholics than Catholics.From the second century until the mid-1960s, the Catholic model of marriage rested on one value: procreation.It was only the Second Vatican Council of 1965 that, amid much controversy, reimagined marriage as "an intimate partnership of life and love." It took until 1983 for this definition to enter canon law, the written code governing the workings of the church.In crisp, affectless prose, FOCCUS acknowledges a range of behaviors the church itselfrejects:artificial birth control, premarital sex, homosexual activity.During the discussion phase, facilitators give special attention to red-flag issues such as drug use.

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Yet FOCCUS is not a religious tool; its questions are stripped of any judgment, and its facilitators are instructed not to use it as a forum to preach or punish.

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