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Camje tube

Input pre-amps are the most sensitive areas of the amplifier.

When used in this application most tubes will generate some noise if you tap on them with a pencil during operation.

A microphonic tube will ring, howl or produce general feedback problems.

It will be more noticeable at louder volumes or when used in close proximity to a speaker, typically in combo amps.

It has been torture tested in a JTM 45, a Deluxe Reverb, an Orange 50 watt combo and Bandmaster Reverb, with no failures or noise problems after hundreds of hours in clubs or in the studio.

It doesn’t matter if you use an American or British design, this tube works.

It’s the feedback from these testers that tell the tale.

No failures of any kind have occurred under the most demanding conditions and, in round table discussions and blind testing in the studio, players consistently preferred the Northern Electric over any pre-amp tube we currently offer.

The tubes used in this review were selected at random from's inventory of untested tubes.

All tubes were used at the input amplifier stage of the amp since this seems to be where most people develop their perceptions of how good a pre-amp tube is.

Back to top The musical detail or ability to reproduce the sound of the instrument is a key factor in assessing a tube for guitar amplifiers. Each one has strengths, weaknesses and certain factors that contribute to its overall ratings.

A new tube may better amplify these defects, so try substituting another new tube to be sure of the source of the noise.

Back to top - It’s not often that something truly special comes along.

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Other components can cause noise problems that may be blamed on a bad tube.