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We’re one of the pioneers and leaders in affiliate marketing as well as the online dating industry since 1996.The Dating affiliates get access to exclusive casual, mainstream and adult dating offers for desktop, tablet and mobile traffic.The charts below are going to list out the various promotional tools. Most commonly pop-unders, might might be pop-up ads.Here’s the promo tools explained: Banner: Standard banner ads. Add a code snippet to your site and a pop-ad will generate when your traffic clicks on your site. Useful for easily adding short teaser videos to your website or blog. Ads resembling a chat box will appear on the screen.Sites featuring models from Russia and Eastern Europe.All these sites primarily feature Russian and Eastern European actors, but might feature other ethnicities as well. adult affiliate programs from non-English speaking programs. Some have English versions of their affiliate portals, others you’re either translating or knowing how to speak the language to use.Entire sections of websites can be built automatically through RSS. Sets of photos, videos and text promoting a single scene.The FHG content is designed for optimal conversions. Downloadable content can be used to build up an affiliate site. Most common types of redirects are mobile redirects and IPTV redirects. A code snippet that adds a banner ad that looks like the corner of the webpage is turning like a magazine. Magazine page turning effect in the corner of the browser. There are many ways to promote the adult affiliate programs.

Some producers have so many different sites that they also create a network for all their projects.Here’s some of the main ways to promote adult affiliate programs: Website and SEO – If you’re planning on becoming an adult affiliate, you should definitely learn how to build a website and do SEO.Ensuring that your website follows SEO best practices will get you search engine rankings that will result in an organic stream of traffic to build up over time.When the mouse scrolls over the page peel ads, an animated page turning effect will kick in with an offer being revealed. Customize the logo, color scheme, domain name and more. Basically, any way you can get traffic to click on a link and register is a method of promoting an affiliate program.Some methods of promotion are more profitable than others, some are easier to get started with and some will require an investment of time or money.

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Affiliate networks will often be constantly adding new programs and offers for webmasters to promote. All these sites feature bondage content, hardcore fetish sex or latex sex.

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