Andy dating roddick sharapova Full sexy chat

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Andy dating roddick sharapova

It wouldn't surprise me if Sock came through a draw that fell apart to win his lone lucky slam too in the next 2-3 years. The rest of his game was nothing special, barely top 50. The biggest difference is Sock is a much better volleyer but his biggest weapons the serve and forehand are more inconsistent than Roddick's I'm no Roddick fan - the way he treated umpires and linespeople was telling - but he was able to finish in the Year End Top Ten for 9 straight years, including No. Yes the serve and forehand were among the best of his generation, and his other strokes paled in comparison. I can't believe no one here is talking about the Next Gen Finals Draw ceremony with the slutty models parading letters A or B on their bodies and making the players pull them from them!

He would get exposed on his backhand, volleys and movement against players who could return his serve and forehand.. But you don't achieve his success based on just two weapons. Apparently the ATP is taking a lot of heat over this.

I cannot believe Isner is probably going to win Paris. Thanks Edmund for choking in the first round against him. This kind of crazy result is what I expect to see more of next year, with random finalists I hadn't noticed Krajinovic before the other week when he was in Moscow, I think. Don't love Jack Sock, but his ass gave me so much pleasure this week I can be happy for him to make the final. If he manages to win the whole thing and deny Sock the trip to London... Injuries to Djokovic and Murray hampered them for much of the year.

The men's field really fell apart at this tournament. I think we all know that PCB is one powerful voodoo bitch. Nadal and Federer were able to hold it together for most of the year, but now both are a bit banged up at season's end.

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If Rafa pulls out, however, could Isner and Sock both go? And his alpha daddy coach ripping his shirt off every once in a while doesn't hurt, either.

I just wasn’t sure whether this is where we talk about Next Gen finals.

R43—it was in Italy, organised by the Italian tennis federation, who have yet to really fine or even reprimand Fognini for his racist behaviour.

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