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Human Rights Minister Samir Dilou with the encouragement of popular TV celebrity host Samir Wafi have called for the magazine to be denied the right of free speech and expression and stating that being LGBT is a sickness not a human right.He was asked about Gayday magazine on a talk show, the Tunisian Minister for Human Rights, who is a member of the Islamic Ennahdha Party, said even freedom of expression has limits.

During a television interview in February 2012, Minister for Human Rights Samir Dilou stated that "freedom of speech has its limits", homosexuality is "a perversion", and gay people needed to be "treated medically".In March 2011, Tunisia's first online magazine for the country's LGBT community, Gayday Magazine, was launched.Running stories and interviews related to the country's community, the publications covers consisted on English and French titles.In 2012, Gayday was hacked, as homophobic hackers took over the publication's email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.These attacks took place at the height of an international campaign of which Gayday Magazine is a part, to raise awareness about the massacre of emo and gay people in Iraq.

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In June 2017, a 16-year-old teen was sentenced to 4 months in jail for homosexuality after refusing to be "anally probed".

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