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They chose to have a homebirth because they wanted to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

As a lesbian couple, they were also worried about their relationship being questioned by hospital employees.

Sarah banked her gametes, a choice she believes all trans women should be offered.

Another five years later, when she and her wife decided to conceive, Sarah went off her hormones once again to obtain a fresh DNA contribution if possible.

SARAH: We had the most incredible midwife for the birth.

When we first met her, we explained our situation, and she used the term "non-gestational mom," which I’d never heard before.

I'm one of the two genetic moms of my baby, but I'm the non-gestational mom. I looked through my health insurance booklet for an endocrinologist.

We’re flesh and blood, we have real live bodies that are ours, and that hold and love our children. But reading the book was really worthwhile, and one of the things that struck me was the difference in a mom's experience when she had not had a breastfeeding relationship with her baby.

I wanted our roles in caring for our baby to be defined as little as possible by who gave birth to him, and for us to be able to give the same kind of comfort to him.

I'm not looking for her to know what's going on, but I have an idea what I want to do, and I think I know what I need. As an aside, I really don’t like this use of the word ‘non-biological,’ referring to both parents and trans people.

Just because we transitioned, or just because someone's not genetically linked to their child, that doesn’t mean we’re made of styrofoam.

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There was a section that said "reproductive endocrinologist," which sounded just right.