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If a student receives a grade of F or FW in any course the student will be subject to dismissal from the program.Once a student is dismissed from the Program he or she may not re-apply to the PA Program.Policies regarding criminal background checks vary from facility to facility.

A student must have a cumulative program GPA of 3.0 or higher by the end of the didactic year to be able to register for Clinical Clerkship courses.In addition, students complete 2 shorter 3 week rotations in long term care and psychiatry.Please see the attached full descriptions of the clinical rotations Student Advisement Upon acceptance into the Physician Assistant Program, each student will be assigned a faculty member who will serve as his or her advisor.The majority of clinical sites now require students to pass a background check prior to starting their affiliation.It is the student's responsibility to perform this and supply the necessary documentation to the clinical facility well in advance of the start date of their affiliation.

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Cost of the background check is the student's responsibility.

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